Vinh Long is abundant of fruit and its fragrance spreads all year round. Even when you are in car, you can smell the fragrance strangely. 3 types of fruit below will make you addicted immediately when eating for the first time.

 “Nam roi” grapefruit

The most attractive and famous fruit for visiotrs in Vinh Long must be “nam roi” grapefruit. The most cultivated area of this fruit is Binh Minh District along the Hau River rich in alluvial, where there are top nutrients for the orchards here.

If you had a chance to try “nam roi” grapefruit, you definitely wouldn’t forget delicious flavor, the harmony between sweet and sour flavor which makes a totally different feeling compared to other kinds of grapefruit in the west. It is wonderful to eat “nam roi” grapefruit with Tay Ninh salt!

 “Cam xoan Tra On”

The land Tra On – Vinh Long has another specialty attracting visitors – “cam xoan”. It has the yellow intestine and the flavor is sweeter than tangerine. It’s big and trees 3 years old and above have fruit all year round. The smaller the fruit is, the sweeter the taste is. Besides, it has light fragrance and it is more special than “cam sanh” or “cam mat”.

This delicious fruit attract most visitors and every tourist finds a little “cam xoan” to give their relatives or friends as a gift when visiting to Vinh Long.

 “Thanh tra”

“Thanh tra” has yellow color and it is ripe into clusters looking very eye-catching and attractive. There are two kinds of “thanh tra” – sour and sweet – to please tastes of many other visitors.

Tourists can enjoy “thanh tra” dish masticated with sugar and ice. This is an effective potation on hot days. “Thanh tra” is also used to make goody or spices for some dishes such as “canh chua” or poached fish.


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