It is said that Go Cong has many interesting things, especially many delicious dishes and fruit is all year round. Therefore, we took a trip to here and discovered 3 specialties in Go Cong eating once and remembering forever.

3 specialties in Go Cong include “mam tom cha Go Cong”, “banh va Go Cong” and “chao ca dua” that you can’t forget when having a chance to try.

 “Mam tom cha Go Cong”

“Mam tom cha” is the most famous specialty in Go Cong, I heard that it is from the old kings period. The main material of this dish is land shrimps having many red bricks. “Mam tom cha” can be eaten with “banh trang cuon”, boiled pork or fresh vegetables which are very delicious.

 “Banh va Go Cong”

“Banh va (gia) Cho Giong” is a famous specialty from the old to the present day thanks to its unique flavor. “Banh gia” is the simple dish and it can be eaten at anytime in a whole day.

If you want this “banh gia” dish to have the right delicious flavor, you must make chili garlic sauce which is mixed according to a certain receipe creating an attractive flavor for this dish. It is eaten with fresh vegetables, cucumber and “bun” to make the dish less bored.

It is really a pity for visitors if they can’t try “banh gia” when visiting Go Cong.

 “Chao ca dua”

The river running along two provinces Tien Giang  and Long An is the place producing many unique creatures such as “ca dua”, “ca chia voi”, “tom cang xanh”, etc. They are good material to cook very delicious dishes. Visitors can try “chao ca dua” dish of local people when visiting Go Cong.

The sweet flavor of fish with salty and spicy flavors of the sauce combine to a cup of hot mushrooms “chao”. Enjoying “chao ca dua” dish in the windy space of the river is the best.

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